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INtroducing your dog

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First introductions to the van, walking in a pack setting, and making sure everyone is safe, are very important. If you enquire with me to be your potential dog walker, we start by organising a meet and greet. This gives you the chance to meet me, ask as many questions as you need, and make sure you feel I am a good fit for your dog. Likewise, I need to make sure your dog will be a good fit for my pack walks. I'll also need to ask you some questions about your dog's behaviour, dietary requirements, and take your contact details too. 

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Introduction to my van

I drive a Nissan Navara pick-up truck with a custom-built crate system in the back. At the meet and greet, I usually advise we do a test run of your dog going into the crate and taking some treats. This is so that on our first walk, they are more comfortable with me collecting them and being driven to the walking location. While being transported in the crate system is a safe and comfortable trip for most, I understand that not all dogs can be crated. Therefore, I have a doggy seat belt system in the cab on the vehicle, where your dog can ride with me. This does require that they wear a harness to attach to the seatbelt for safety. Most dogs do love the back, and hop up for a treat in no time! Additionally, I have worked with dogs who have had fears for the crate to transition and become comfortable being in there! I also have fold out stairs for the older or heavier dogs that cannot (or shouldn't due to health reasons) jump in or out of the van.

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the first walk

For the first few walks, I keep your dog on the lead. This allows them to build a trusting bond with me on walks. If for any reason your dog is spooked, it is important that they seek me as a safe space, instead of trying to find their way back to the van or home. After the first few walks, if they have gone well, we transition to a long line. This gives them more freedom to roam and sniff while still being secure under my control. Once we have established a good bond, your dog will have the freedom to roam off lead. Dogs must have great recall for me to allow them off lead. Safety for everyone is most important! I look forward to welcoming all your fury friends on walks!

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