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British tripe

£2.50 / 100g bag
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This Tripe is made from unbleached beef tripe - the stomach lining of a cow. It makes for a highly palatable, high protein and low fat treat. It's easy to digest and offers a complete amino acid profile, making it a healthy addition to any dogs diet. It is particularly rich in Selenium, a powerful antioxidant compound - which may help to boost the immune system. Suitable from 12 weeks. 

Composition: 100% Beef.

Constituents: Crude Protein 76.9%, Crude Fat 7.2%, Moisture 12.3%, Crude Ash 1.4%, Crude Fibre 2.2%.

Feeding Guidelines: Feed supervised as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure there is a bowl of clean fresh water available when feeding.

To make an order please send an order request. Alternatively, WhatsApp me on 07340 588396 or email me at! For large orders, discounts will be applied!
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